Regarding Autran: We are a comprehensive trading company mainly engaged in the research and development of generic drugs and botanical drugs, supplemented by the import and export business of raw materials, intermediates, plant extracts, health foods, and other related products.

Regarding the team: Talent development has always been the cornerstone of our team. We are a team that affirms our abilities, respects individuality, and encourages development with a humanized and youthful vitality; A reasonable management system is the fundamental guarantee for the efficient operation of the Autran team.

Regarding promotion: We have a complete employee promotion channel, and after passing the assessment, we can become a reserve talent at a higher level; Having a talent promotion channel of "different levels in the same position"; For outstanding personnel, regularly adjust to more challenging regional markets.

Regarding welfare: We provide employees with a complete welfare plan in addition to salary, including five insurances and one fund, health checkups, paid annual leave, regular group building, fancy afternoon tea, and training programs outside of work.

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